[Tutor] Keyboard input

K P teroc@zianet.com
Mon, 18 Oct 1999 08:04:30 -0500

This leads me to a question of my own. If I wrote this as part of my 
On 15 Oct 99, at 13:55, Joseph J. Strout wrote:

> At 8:47 PM +0000 10/15/99, neilconway@home.com wrote:
> >1) I want to prompt for command-line input, and process that input - 
> >similar to
> >'scanf' in C.
> foo = raw_input("bar:")

then I later wanted to 'attach' it (or wrap it) to a GUI (using Tkinter 
for example), would that line (foo = raw_input("bar") still accept 
input from the GUI partion, or would it need to be re-written to 
accept input from the appropriate widget?