[Tutor] Congradulations to Ivan :-))--for his BOOK

Charles Takacs genius@idirect.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 12:14:57 -0400

Hi All :-))
IMHO  a definate congradulation as well as a "Thank You" is due to Ivan Van
Laningham for writing the recently released book "Learning Python in 24

I've been anxiously waiting since November for the release of the book .
Finally a couple days ago I picked it up at my local Book Store where I had
it on Pre-Order.  To satisfy my curiousity I spent a couple of sleepless
nights and days browsing through the chapters.  As a complete Newbie in
Programming I found the book considerably easier to comprehend than any of
the other Python Books.  From a Newbie point of view I beleive that it
definatelly should be recommended as the 1st Book to Buy for a Beginner

So Once again I would like to express my appreciation for Ivan's efforts and
contributions toward the Python Community.

Best regards
Charles Takacs