[Tutor] Re: Learning to Program with Python

Doug Stanfield DOUGS@oceanic.com
Wed, 26 Apr 2000 09:34:48 -1000

To spare Ivan having to explain the title, yet once again, I'll try to step

In actuality it may take just about 24 hours reading time to get through the
book.  I don't think its suggested to sprint through in a single marathon
session though.  If you take 24, hour long, reading sessions with sufficient
time between for experimentation and digestion, its expected to have the
most impact.


I'm-sure-Ivan-can-speak-for-himself-if-I'm-wrong'ly -Doug-

[Marcella Louise Florence said:] 
> I must say, I'm generally wary of books which suggest I can learn
> something in a specified amount of time when undoubtedly 
> reading the book
> takes a lot longer than said amount of time.