[Tutor] Help Needed--IDLE Upgrading

Charlie Derr charlie@intelligenesis.net
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 14:05:44 -0400

Sorry, I didn't read closely enough.  On further examination, my attempted
help may very well be no help at all to you.  Sorry, and i hope i haven't
wasted too much of your time,

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|what i did (on NT, though i think that shouldn't matter) was to rename the
|existing directory (you would change /usr/bin/idle to /usr/bin/idle_4), and
|then to put the unzipped folder in there and rename it to idle
|	good luck,
|		~c
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||No Flames Please. I am a NEWBIE :-))
||Using Linux (RH-6.1) I have downloaded the Idle-0.5 Upgrade "tgz".
||package.But I don't know where and how to install the package. After
||unzipping the package I've read the README file which doesn't seem to
||give clear instructions regarding installation of the upgrade. On my
||Idle is in /usr/bin but this is only the executable file without
||subdirectories where I would be able to put the untared and uzipped
||I would appreciate a helping hand
||Best regards
||Charles Takacs
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