[Tutor] _Teach_Yourself_Python_in_24_Hours_

Christian Tismer tismer@tismer.com
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 20:39:02 +0200

Ivan Van Laningham wrote:
> Hi All--
> Dan Star wrote:
> >
> > Would this book also be useful for someone that has programmed in Pascal
> > and VB?  From some of the comments, it sounds like it focuses on
> > fundamental programming concepts as best practices that may not have
> > been taught in other programming books.
> >
> The central third of the book concentrates on Objects and
> Object-Oriented Programming.  The final third gives a solid introduction
> to Tkinter programming.  Neither of these would have been covered in
> Pascal or VB, I should think.
> To get a feel for the basic concepts of Python, you should at least
> review the first third, but it can be skipped.
> <there's-no-law-that-says-you-must-take-exactly-24-hours>-ly y'rs,
> Ivan;-)

24 days with an hour each would work better, right? :-)

Unfortunately I cannot get your book here in Germany already,
but I will try to get it ASAP.

I was planning my own book for absolute programming beginners,
and I have an offer to do that. Would you say this makes still
sense after your work, or do you know whether someone else
is already writing such a thing?

ciao - chris

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