Fwd: Re: [Tutor] CGI and Python

Djinni djinni@freedomspace.net
Tue, 1 Aug 2000 11:46:17 -0400

> Thank you guys for all your previous help as a result I think I'm getting
> places with Python. I have almost completed an application which calls on C
> programs and wish to place it on the Web. Can any of you suggest a good
> place to start learning about Python and CGI? Are there any good books /
> on-line tutorials that I should know about?
> Thanks again!
> Kate

I dont know if it'll be any good for anyone else but I personally
have a liking for the book 'Python Essential Reference' by
David M. Beazley. It's a small book, and it's almost identical
to the tutor that's on the python.org site. Convienent if you
dont have it on your computer already, and need it when you
are without net access.

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