Tangent to Re: [Tutor] CGI and Python

Brian Wisti bwisti@hotmail.com
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:03:12 PDT

>In contrast, i've been motivated with questions like yours which pop up
>every now and then to create a separate chapter entrily devoted to CGI pro-
>gramming and in it, to provide an example that starts out simple and builds
>to something a little more complex.  there will be lots of screen captures
>too so that you can see what's going on.  finally, there will be a more
>"advanced" section towards the end which does the complicated stuff that
>everyone wants to do, like cookies, multivalued fields, and file uploads
>with multipart data.  sorry that the book isn't out yet... trying to get
>the weeds out of it right NOW!	;-)

I'm looking forward to seeing the book!

Got a question, that is almost relevant to the thread.  Does anybody know 
why cookie support isn't built in to the cgi module?  I had to dig around to 
find Cookie.py, which (excellent module that it is) should be in the cgi 
package somewhere.

Just a random thought from the middle of my workday...

Brian Wisti
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