[Tutor] which Cookie.py (the tangent lives...)

Brian Wisti bwisti@hotmail.com
Tue, 01 Aug 2000 12:27:55 PDT

>that's a good question... it sounds like it *should* be in there.
>which Cookie.py module?  i thought there was more than one.  the
>one i've seen is comprehensive (this may be a reason why it's
>not in the cgi module... to keep things small) -- and slightly buggy
>-- but it's 3 years old so i assume those bugs have been worked out.
>the other reason why it may not be in there is that not everyone uses
>cookies in their CGI apps.

I can't quite remember where I downloaded it, so how's this excerpt from the 
module itself?

# Copyright (C) 1998 GTE Internetworking
#    Author: Timothy O'Malley <timo@bbn.com>

# $Id: Cookie.py,v 2.15 1999/01/07 21:48:33 timo Exp $
#   by Timothy O'Malley <timo@bbn.com>

As yet another tangent, if this is the buggy one, could somebody point me to 
a somewhat fresher or more stable one?  I'm still new enough to Python that 
I can't quite make out when a program error belongs to me or a module.

Then again, I've programmed long enough to know that the module is generally 
in better condition than my code ;)

Brian Wisti
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