[Tutor] RE: CGI and Python

Catriona Johnston kjohnston@rcsi.ie
Wed, 2 Aug 2000 09:43:34 +0100

Thank you all...I now at least have some material to start with...you are
right Wesley the library reference is a bit too techhie for a beginner like
me, I am looking forward to your book...any chance you could speed it up??
Ivan's book, 'Teach Yourself Python in 24 Hours' which has got me as far as
I am (thanks Ivan :) ) has a small section of about 7 pages describing an
excellent example of a simple registration form. Unfortunately this does not
cover the deeper aspects of CGI that I need to know about. :( but perhaps I
am getting ahead of myself *cringe*.
On that note...I shall await Wesley's' book with bated breath and in the
meantime exploit your good selves for any advice or pointers I need along
the way!
Until the next question...happy programming!