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Simon Brunning SBrunning@trisystems.co.uk
Mon, 14 Aug 2000 09:07:25 +0100

I'm sure that there will be many people ready to help, but we'll need a
little more info. Please give us either the code that doesn't work, or the
*exact* URL where you found it - we haven't got time to go looking! We'll
want the errors that you are getting, too.

I think that Python is a good first language. One piece of advice from an
old-timer (though new to Python), - forget this 'as many languages as
possible' business. Firstly, learn one language at a time, and secondly, you
won't need to know very many. It's better to know three or for well than 20
badly. Provided that they are the right three or four, that is!

Simon Brunning
TriSystems Ltd.

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> From:	Richard E. Doksa [SMTP:rickdoksa@penn.com]
> Sent:	Sunday, August 13, 2000 12:03 AM
> To:	Tutor@python.org
> Subject:	[Tutor] help
> i got a sample program from python.org on makeing a calculator and i cant
> make python except some of the code. i dont know when to push enter and
> when not to.sometimes i enter the code just like the example and i still
> get errors? i am just starting out with python please send me anything you
> think will help me?
> also i was told that python is a good language to start out on is that
> true? i have never done any programing before and i would like to learn as
> many languages as possible where should i start?
> thank you 
>                                                                    rick
> doksa
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