[Tutor] MacPython Help!

Corran Webster cwebster@nevada.edu
Thu, 17 Aug 2000 13:11:59 -0700

At 11:36 AM -0700 17/8/00, subal smith wrote:
>I am a begginer programmer and need some help setting up python to work
>on my Mac. I have downloaded Python 1.5.2 and have custom installed it
>for a PPC. I followed a tutorial and created a "Hello World" script with
>simple text and saved it as a .py in the same directory as the
>Interpreter. The tutorial say's I should be able to drop the .py file
>onto the Interpreter and it will Open and Run. BUT It Doesn't.
>Do you have any idea what I did or am doing wrong?

The problem is that SimpleText does not create files of type "TEXT" 
(becuse SimpleText files can have styles as well as plain text). 
MacPython isn't set up to deal with these file types.

The solution is fairly simple, however: use the Python IDE included 
in 1.5.2.  This will allow you to create and run files of the correct 
format easily, even interactively if you like.