[Tutor] MacPython Help!

Bill Bedford billb@mousa.demon.co.uk
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 18:19:20 +0100

At 8:47 am -0700 18/08/00, subal smith wrote:

>I was hoping somebody could help me set up MacPython. I have installed
>it for my PPC but I don't understand how to run the .py files I create
>with BBEdit with the interpreter. The "Using Python 1.5 on the Mac" says
>I should be able to save the file in the same directory as the
>interpreter then drop it on the interpreter to have it run. BUT the
>interpreter does not recognize the files and will not let me drop them
>on it.
>Is there anybody that could give me a simple example of how to save and
>run Python scripts on a Mac.

This should work with any file of type 'TEXT', check what type of 
file BBEdit is saving and if that is OK, then rebuild the desktop.

>Also I wondered if, IDE,  which was installed on my Mac is the same
>thing as IDLE.


IDLE does not work on the Mac (Tk issues) but it can be found in the 
:Tools folder.

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