[Tutor] MacPython Help!

Steve Spicklemire steve@spvi.com
Fri, 18 Aug 2000 12:55:13 -0500 (EST)

Hi Subal

   In BBEdit you can save a file with the create 'Pyth'. Go
to 'preferences'->FileTypes-> and 'add' a new file type.
Just browse to the PythonInterpreter and it should find the
correct type. You can also set the file type with ResEdit.
There is also a script in the distribution that sets the file 
type, it's called 'fixfiletypes.py'. You might try that.

>>>>> "Subal" == Subal Smith <subal@enabledsites.com> writes:

    Subal> Hello, I was hoping somebody could help me set up
    Subal> MacPython. I have installed it for my PPC but I don't
    Subal> understand how to run the .py files I create with BBEdit
    Subal> with the interpreter. The "Using Python 1.5 on the Mac"
    Subal> says I should be able to save the file in the same
    Subal> directory as the interpreter then drop it on the
    Subal> interpreter to have it run. BUT the interpreter does not
    Subal> recognize the files and will not let me drop them on it. I
    Subal> did however save the file in BBEdit as an interpreter
    Subal> document and was able to then drop it on the interpreter
    Subal> and it ran. Is this how it's done?  Is there anybody that
    Subal> could give me a simple example of how to save and run
    Subal> Python scripts on a Mac.  Also I wondered if, IDE, which
    Subal> was installed on my Mac is the same thing as IDLE.  Thank
    Subal> you for helping a lost soul.  -- Subal Smith Web Developer
    Subal> www.enabledsites.com subal@enabledsites.com 831.464.9258

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