[Tutor] Integer to String possible????

Daniel D. Laskey dlaskey@laskeycpa.com
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I've had the same problem.  I tried it and it works.
# --------------Answer1.py---------------------------
# create and empty data_file

# open the data file called data_file
data_file = raw_input('File to open?  ')
in_file = open(data_file,"r")
# read the in_file
text = in_file.read()
# print the file to the screen
print text
# create the file to export the data to
# you need the double or single quotes around the name to save the file
out_file = open("new_file.txt","w+")
# write the new file you created to the file "new_file.txt" 

Keep working at it and sending in your questions.  It helps me, too.
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Hi Guys,

   From my last question I couldn't save to a txt file. I had some 
improvements and I could save part of the result (strings) in to the text 
file; but now I couldn't include the integer part because the 
".writelines()"method doesn't like it. Is there a way to get around 
this?Possibly a way to convert an Integer to a String?

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