[Tutor] RE:Shelve Help!

Catriona Johnston kjohnston@rcsi.ie
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 13:59:13 +0100

For all of you out there puzzled by my query...I seem to have found the
reason for the problem if not the solution :(
If anyone knows of a patch or other fix please let me know!
Thanks again all,

[ Bug #111802 ] anydbm cannot verify shelve database type
Date: 2000-Aug-13 10:05		
Submitted By: none	Assigned To: none	
Category: Modules	Priority: 5	
Bug Group: Trash	Resolution: None	
Summary: anydbm cannot verify shelve database type		
Original Submission: When opening an existing "shelve" database file. An
exception is raised from anydbm saying "the database type could not be