[Tutor] more spliting strings

Daniel D. Laskey, CPA dlaskey@laskeycpa.com
Mon, 21 Aug 2000 16:20:08 -0400

Dear Tutor:

From the help I received from Remco, Amoreira and Denis, my little =
program searches a text file and gets rid of the lines with 'Total' in =
it and only reads the lines with a '$' in it.

Now I have to split this file up, but the file doesn't have any comma or =
tab deliminators.  It is a fixed length delimated file.

I only want the first 6 characters and the last 13 characters.  Then I =
want to add a date to the file in the first position.

# ----------------------------------------
# import sys and string
import sys
import string

# print the following statement
print "Enter the name of the datafile file to convert:"

# ask the name of the data_file to use
data_file =3D raw_input('File name to process?  ')

# read the data_file and put it into a file called in_file
in_file =3D open(data_file,"r")

# create the file to export the data to
out_file =3D open("junk.txt","w+")

# read the file in_file line by line
lines =3D in_file.readlines()

# keep the list of lines=20
resultlines =3D []

# search through each line of the file
for line in lines:
	# search for lines with 'Total' in it
	if string.find(line,'Total') >-1:
		# move on and skip this line
	if string.find(line,'$') >-1:
		# keep the line
#  # end of processFile() function #

# How do I get the program to read the data from the process
# above and the perform the string manipulation I need?

a =3D ['08/18/00']

good_data =3D a + "," + line[:6] + "," + line[-13:]

# write the results to the new file
# ----------------------------------------

#Traceback (innermost last):
#  File "today7.py", line 36, in ?
#    good_data =3D a + "," + line[:6] + "," + line[-13:]
#TypeError: illegal argument type for built-in operation


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