[Tutor] Indovinello - The Game of Numbers

Thomas Schulze jazariel@tiscalinet.it
Wed, 23 Aug 2000 08:49:37 GMT


In a post some time ago I mentioned a small game I was trying to program=
to learn Python. I discovered that Python is indeed powerful so I got=20
carried away somewhat and implemented more and more ideas. The hardest=20
part is getting used to objects. In the beginning it was merely a=20
translation of a Pascal program, but now it's quite modular.

Now it is somewhat beyond a tutorial problem but maybe not ready to=20
announce it somewhere more formally. So I'm looking for some volunteers =

to play it and take a look at the source code and installation.  (I'm to=
shy to say beta tester here). It is a console application where you have=
to guess a number. Initially it tells you only whether your guess was to=
small or too large but every time you win it gets more complex including=
all kinds of special numbers. Right now 42 conditions are included.

Indovinello is Italian and means riddle. The subtitle is borrowed from=20
Conway/Guy: The Book of numbers who borrowed it from the bible.

If you drop me a mail, I send you a gz file which should also be=20
understood by WinZip. The only thing I ask for is any kind of response.

Thomas Schulze