[Tutor] Interpret Statement

Tim Condit timc@ans.net
Tue, 29 Aug 2000 14:26:45 -0400 (EDT)


This is tangential to the topic, but you might find it useful. In emacs
(or Xemacs if you prefer, which I do), with Python mode installed, you can
do <ctrl-c ctrl-c> - that's control-c twice - from your working buffer
(emacs calls text windows frames; the contents of the frame is stored in
the buffer) to execute the contents of the buffer. It shows up in it's own
buffer, so you can view it separately. In addition to that, you can run
the interpreter from within emacs by typing <ctrl-c !>

Installing python-mode is not hard to do if you've got emacs installed. Or
at least it's not hard to do on a Unix box. Emacs on windows shouldn't be
any more difficult, but I've not done it. 

Here are some pointers:


Tim Condit
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On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Perry, George W. wrote:

> Some interpreted languages have an Interpret statement that allows you to
> build a statement on the fly, and execute it. Does Python have something
> similar?
> George Perry
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