[Tutor] Making Window stay open, Python in Windows

Yanko, Curtis (GSP) YankoC@gspinc.com
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 06:55:11 -0500

On Win9x you need to find the .PIF file for the shell and turn off it's
'close on exit' property. I think it is 'default' and in the Windows or
windows/system dir. If this gives you fits you can make a shortcut to
python.exe and set it there (the close on exit flag) and change your
association to point to the shortcut.

On NT the shortcut is the way to go since you can't get control of cmd.exe
easily. However, there are some other great tricks available. If you run the
interpreter and click on the python icon in the upper left you can set the
properties for the window. I like to make mine 40 rows long instead of the
default 25 and I up the buffer size to 200 or more so I can scroll back.
There are a lot of other settings in here to play with as well. When you
save these it'll make a PIF file that it'll use in all future launches.

-Curt Yanko

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> I am trying to learn Python on a Windows 95 system.  I'm having the
> problem
> that after a type a program and run it the window closes before I can view
> the output.  How can I correct this?
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