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Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan@callware.com
Fri, 25 Feb 2000 12:19:53 -0700

Hi All--

"Snoopy :-))" wrote:
> Hi Ivan :-))
> I hope the release of this book will not be delayed again.  According to my
> info it was supposed to be released  in Sept. or Oct. 99.  I bought
> "Learning Python" but  being a Novice in Programming, (as well as a Newbie
> in Linux) it seems to be way above my head.  So I am anxiously waiting for
> your book.
> Best regards,
> Charles Takacs

I apologize for the delay, Charles, but I believe that TYPython will be
a better book because of the extra time I took writing it.  The original
release date would have been November or early December 99, but because
I have a full-time day job and many other committments (such as a life),
it took longer.  Plus, several chapters that I thought would be very
short turned out to require much more attention than I had initially
planned for.

I do believe that it will be worth the wait, however.  The book is
completely done from my end; the publisher has all my last-minute
corrections and there is nothing more for me to do.  SAMS is pretty
efficient when it comes to putting out books, so when they say that the
expected release date is now March 21, I would tend to give some
credibility to that date.

<in-the-meantime-practice-zendo>-ly y'rs,
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