[Tutor] Re: Please help Mr Turor

bowman@montana.com bowman@montana.com
Sun, 2 Jan 2000 16:06:36 -0700 (MST)

> &lt;l1&gt;I know you type all the content in the textarea (the MSDOS) thing <BR>
> and that's how you make the programme, BUT how do I make (this is <BR>
> hard to explain) it as a WHOLE programme (eg. a browser, ICQ itself, <BR>
> ect.)<BR>

First hint: posting to newsgroups and maillists in html format is not 

Second hint: start with something simple that you CAN explain. What are
you trying to do? 

> &lt;l1&gt;Is python a LANGUAGE or a SCRIPT?<BR>

Python is a language. This is open to debate; my personal divide is when
trying to  write a script for tcsh or whatever, one usually reaches a
point where you either flat out cannot do what you want to, or it is
exceeding ugly. I have never hit that point with Python or C, hence they
both must be languages.