[Tutor] A python reference manager

Cliff Grant cgrant@medicine.adelaide.edu.au
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 11:46:42 +1030

Hello all,

As a long time lurker on this list I have at last got a question for
the group and hopefully a minor contribution to the global python karma.

I have written a reference manager  in python to manage BibTeX format
files. It is
a tkinter based application with a reasonably intuititive interface for
adding/editing and deleting
references.  It also imports medline text files can convert between full
and abbreviated journal names.
It should run on any python system with tkinter - there are no other
libraries required.

If you are interested in such a beast visit   :


for more information.

As a non-programmer with much self doubt I'd like some others,
particularly Latex users, to try it, offer
suggestions and tell me what's broken.  I presume the appropriate forum
for any real announcements is
c.l.p.announce?   I'm hoping the tutor group is a gentler way of getting
some advice before the whole world
has to see beta 0.1.

On a back-patting type note, I believe it's a credit to the Python
language itself, groups like this and the
Python community in general that a bozo such as myself can write a
useful application from information
gleaned from newsgroups, python.org docs and the python demos.  And
along the way I've started to wrap my head
around things such as lambda and classes etc..



Cliff Grant                      cgrant@medcine.adelaide.edu.au