[Tutor] Re: Problems installing Python.

Randall Hopper aa8vb@yahoo.com
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 09:16:37 -0500

Derek Collins:
 |     I'm new to programming and want to try and learn python. After
 |downloading and uncompressing  the py152.tgz file and running
 |  ./configure, the last part of the procedure produces the following
 |    creating Makefile
 |creating Objects/Makefile
 |Can't open ./Objects/Makefile.in
 |creating Parser/Makefile
 |Can't open ./Parser/Makefile.in
 | Then when I run  make, I get
 |(cd Modules; make -f Makefile.pre Makefile)
 |make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target `Makefile'
 |Current working directory /export/home/python/Python-1.5.2/Modules

Ok, looks like you may have file permission problems.  An 'ls -l' will show
you if this is the case.

It could be that you expanded py152.tgz as root and are trying to build as
a non-root user (?), or a few other possibliities.

At the top of your python tree, do this:

   find . | xargs chown <your-username>
   find . | xargs chmod u+w
   umask 22

Replace "<your-username>" with your username on this Solaris box.
The last line is just to make sure when you create files and directories
that you're allowed to write to them.

Randall Hopper