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Doug Stanfield DOUGS@oceanic.com
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 12:33:33 -1000

This to me is the best time to be learning Python.  There have just been a
bunch of very good books released and there are more on the way.  The best
place to find everything about Python is on the Python web site at
<http://www.python.org> http://www.python.org
If you follow the links to the PSA Bookstore you'll find the full list with
links to buy them from amazon.com.  Unfortunately most of the current crop
expects at least some familiarity with programming, some more than others.
Your QBasic knowledge might help there and I think my current recommendation
might be 'The Quick Python Book' by Daryl Harms and Kenneth McDonald.  With
anything, continued exposure over time will bring success, so I suggest
reading as many of the available books as possible.  Maybe "Programming
Python" being my next recommended.
How powerful is Python?  In a word, very.  Theres a good exposition on the
subject in the "Quick" book.  Usage examples abound in the above books and
the rest now available, from the web site, and other sources linked to from
the web site.  Exploring the Python site in depth is well worth the time.
Welcome, and good luck.

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 I'm a programming newbie. I chose Python because Leo Laport said It was
powerful and easy (and free).
I don't find it that easy.  I've learned well from "dummies" books in the
past. I can program a little in QBASIC but python is different.  What books
can I get on python (I learn well from books), and just how powerfull is
python?  are there any share/freeware examples for download ( or sold in
                                                            Thank you
Adam T.