[Tutor] newbie

Denis denis@carolo.net
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 02:22:02 +0000

> "Stacie S." wrote:
>  I'm a programming newbie. I chose Python because Leo Laport 
> said It was powerful and easy (and free).
> I don't find it that easy.  I've learned well from "dummies" 
> books in the past.
> I can program a little in QBASIC but python is different.

Yes, it's different. It's far more funny, flexible, powerfull, ...
but to benefit from the Python power, you'll have to play with classes.

> What books can I get on python (I learn well from books)

Learning Python (ed.O'Reilly) by Lutz & Ascher, for example.

> and just how powerfull is python?

Up to where you can go.

>  are there any share/freeware examples for
> download ( or sold in stores)?

Examples in the book(s), Python's Tutorial ...
If you want more, read the sources of the various modules.

Keep trying, it's worth the effort.