[Tutor] asking someone to helo with learning python...

Bryan Hann bryan.hann@pobox.com
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:26:00 +0800


    (1) keep in contact with the tutorial list.  There are
        more ppl than me willing to help.

    (2) browse the documentation (esp the tutorials) that
        do not come with the download but which are stored
        at www.python.org

    (3) Make sure your requests are as specific as possible,
        not just (eg) 'how do I learn how to program' (you're
        request below is general, but you did put it in some
        context which is good.)

    (4) Try converting some of your Pascal code to Python
        code.  For each conversion, count and find the ratio
        between the lines of code before and after conversion.
        Publish these numbers to the list--this will show that
        you are keen, and that you might be willing to write up 
        your findings for citation in order to help the python
        cause. ;)

    (5) After the conversion effort, learn about python's list
        and dictionary structures.  If you can use lists and
        dictionaries in your conversion but did not use them
        before, try converting again.  Post your new and even
        better ratios! ;) ;)

    (6) Take a look at the "string.py" file in the standard
        library, and see some fairly straightforward code at
        work.  Modify it.  'Use The Source, Luke!'!  Playing
        with source is a keen thing to do.

    (7) When you are feeling confident, start to look into
        python's class functionality, and learn about the
        wonderful world of object orientation.

    (8) Whenever you are stuck, ask for help.  (My rule of
        thumb: make three attempts at solving the problem
        on your own first. (Fiddle, documentation, FAQ?))
        The more you have tried, and the more precise your
        question, the better you help us to help you!

    (9) If things progress beautifully without a hitch <hehe>,
        keep us up to date on your successes: it will endourage
        us all.

    (10) Finally, when you feel you know enough to share what
         you know, help others with their problems.  Not only
         do you learn what you know even better through teaching,
         it will make you feel darn good about yourself! :)

- Bryan Hann
Dickky Young wrote:
> Hey man how's going!
> I am really sorry that I didnt reply to your mail about 2 months ago. I
> was caught up with some school tasks that kept me so out of time.
> Unfortunately, I have not made even a slight progress in Python
> programming. I read the manual that comes along with the downloaded
> version of Python, and though I have some concepts in computer languages
> since I know Pascal a bit, I still find it hard to get started.
> Could you help me on clearify a few concepts about what we can do with a
> programming language such as Python, and once I get started, where do I
> go to get myself enough practices or to find problems that I could
> actually use my knowledges to solve.
> Thank you so much.
> Bryan Hann wrote:
> > How is your programming quest coming along?
> > Dickky Young wrote:
> > > Hello!
> > > I have just eagerly subscribed to this mailing list. I have no
> > > programming experience but really really wanna get into it. Someone
> > > suggested me to start with python. So, could any body help me?
> > > Thank you.
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