[Tutor] trying to learn python

Patrick Phalen python-tutor@teleo.net
Mon, 10 Jul 2000 22:41:33 -0700

[Steven Gilmore, on Mon, 10 Jul 2000]
:: I hope you guys/gals can help me out.  You see, I'm trying to learn python
:: but there is a catch.  I have a physical disability which makes it
:: impossible to hold, much less flip through, a book.  I was hoping /wondering
:: where I can get books in some sort of alternative format that I can read it
:: on screen.  If anybody has any ideas or know somebody who does please post a
:: reply.  I've read the Python Tutorial that comes with the interpreter.
:: Another issue of mine is I have to use dictation software (DragonDictate).
:: Does anybody know of any sources of information on programming by voice?

Wow. Challenging questions.

I'm afraid I know nothing about dictation software and programming, but
here are a few possibilities pertinent to your first query.

The Quick Python Book (excellent), was, during its development
(prior to paper publication), available for free in the form of a Word
document on the Manning Publications web site. It has since been
removed and I happily bought the book, but I still have a copy of the
Word files and an HTML conversion. If you can get permission from the
authors or publisher to me, I'd be happy to email either version to you.

Fredrik Lundh's (The effbot Guide to) The Standard Python Library is
available for only $12.00 in eMatter form from http://www.fatbrain.com.

You've mentioned the Python Tutorial, which is great. Be mindful also
that the Python Library Reference and Language Reference are available
in digital form. http://www.python.org/doc. I also keep copies of these
in Rocket eBook form. ;)