[Tutor] Is Python suitable for my project?

Blake Winton bwinton@tor.dhs.org
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:10:42 -0400

* samus <samus@feudalkingdoms.tzo.org> [000718 21:58]:
> Modularity is key to large projects.  In the case of OOP its a mater of
> keeping your objects as independent of each other as possible.  Generic is
> good.  Then you inherit from those or write specialized wrappers to do the
> special case stuff.

I completely agree.  And add that if you want to (and are able to)
email me with your design, I'll see if I can suggest any improvements.

> >programming, but I have never undertaken a serious project with
> >this paradigm. I come from the old structured-programming school...
> Get aquainted with it.  Once you get into it its hard to think of writing
> software any other way.

I started trying to write a VI clone in C, but had to give it up
because I didn't remember enough about function pointers to mimic
all the OO-Design stuff I wanted to do...  :)

> I would suggest learning about how to do COM
> objects.  VB is a decent enough way to start to get a feel of how it works.
> there isn't really any RAD tool for gui design with Python.

Given the above two statements, I'm now going to make the possibly
heretical statement that perhaps VB is the best RAD tool for gui
design with Python.  Write up a bunch of VB forms, and use Python
to script them.  Of course, portability gets thrown out the window.

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