Joseph Taylor jhtaylor2000@yahoo.com
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 14:18:45 -0700 (PDT)

Hello everyone, I am a true novice to the world of
programming. Can anyone direct me to the "correct"
starting point. I have one of the many things I assume
I will need; that's the "burning desire to learn and I
will", some have said Linux, Perl, what is the easiest
one for me to start with. I will go with it from
there, until I can run not walk. 27 years while
attending Cal St. Long Beach, I stumbled on a job in
the Los Angeles Harbor, as a "Longie" that's short for
Longshoreman, I was making a bundle of money, well to
keep this short, I bought a Beautiful Mercedes Benz,
that was my introduction to the finest Automobile in
the World..I later learned from several people the
intricacies of that auto. Short and sweet I am now an
accomplished Mercedes Technician/Restorer/ All with no
classes, so I figure you put your mind to something
nothing get's in the way.  Just some one point me in
the right direction to start..I would love to have a
mentor, anyone interested..?   Thanks, a trillion. 
Joseph H. Taylor,Jr.

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