[Tutor] i need help!!

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> i can't really find a beginner's python tutorial that i understand i've
> tried a few and i don't really understand them once i get so far down the
> line...is there any form of interactive help, if any at all for a total
> novice?
>                   tom.
Hello Tom.  I'm Leo and I'm also a very begginer in the program world. Here,
at http://www.python.org  there are some "tutorials for non-programmers" or
whatever. The easiest of all is Josh Cogliati's "Non-programmers Tutorial
for Python" (http://www.honors.montana.edu/~jjc/easytut/easytut/); some
interesting stuff is missing thought. After learn it go to Alan Gaud's
"Learning to Program"
(http://members.xoom.com/alan_gauld/tutor/tutindex.htm -a bit complex, but
also very deep). Then, we will be able to fully understand Guido's Tutorial
(I hope...). Good luck and don't give up (I willn't).


P.S.: I'm just a Brazilian teenager and I learned my English from
videogames; so please apologize any errors, bad spelling etc.

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