[Tutor] *virus* JS/KAK worm! This doesn't happen often?

Denis Frère spirou@aragne.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 01:36:58 +0200

Steven Gilmore wrote:
>  I  realize this has nothing to do with learning Python but...

Nothing, indeed.

> I just joined tutor and  five or six messages later one of those
> worms, that have been prevalent lately, is in my inbox!
> Now I know it probably wasn't on purpose 

It is. It's a strange initiation rite for all of you rookies. And the
worse is creeping up on you ... 
:-))) Stop kidding !

> but I wanted to know if this happens often on this list.

Yes, that's why we all here wear a strange latex suit with a big helmet
and a cloak. (The cloak is not mandatory, but that's prettier).
Read the archives and count  :-)))))))

> Luckily I have been vigilant enough to have updated DAT files
> and the latest security fixes 

We're all very glad for you.

> or all of not-so-tech savvy friends would be getting a not so
> harmless chain-letter.

Tell them to try the GNU.

> Excuse me for ranting, I won't make a habit of it =)

Do _you_ excuse me ? ;-)

Denis Frère
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