[Fwd: [Tutor] learning a Programming language]

Dan Star danstar@execpc.com
Wed, 01 Mar 2000 15:00:23 -0600

Deirdre Saoirse wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Mar 2000, Dan Star wrote:
> > But there is no Grid support in Python or has this recently changes.  VB
> > has a multitude of grids which are critical to database oriented apps.
> What do you mean by "grid"? I've never used a "grid" and I've written
> database apps for more than 20 years. They work fine. Thus, "grids,"
> whatever you mean by the term, are NOT in fact critical.

Well, a grid that shows records in a table format (with resizable
columns etc).  Very good for browsing many records at a time such as all
the line items on an order.  As far as I know this is very hard to do
with Python.

> > P.S.  Delphi is arguably as easy to learn as VB (BTW) and is much more
> > powerful.
> Not on my machine. :) In fact, they are both ZERO power applications on
> any of the machines I own.

Delphi has a lot of built in power to make the the mundane tasks easier;
however you have to conform to its model so it is a little restrictive
if you use the IDE.  BTW it will soon be on Linux under the name Kylix.