[Tutor] Hello to the list and a question

bosahv theo bosahv@nhdpuk.zzn.com
Mon, 6 Mar 2000 12:20:13 -0500

<html><head><meta Name='keywords' Content='commtouch, pronto, mail, free email, free, branded, web based, free web based email, communications, internet, software, advertising banners, e-mail, free software'></head><body   ><div align='left'><font   ><blockquote><blockquote><TT>Hello, this is my first letter to the list<BR>
I am TREMENDOUSLY excited about python. It's my first programming language.<BR>
I just dutifully spent some of the weekend printing up the documentation and starting my <BR>
education, I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN. I bought _Quick Python_ and _Python and Tkinter <BR>
programming_?? published by Manning. Great books to compliment the online <BR>
I was wonderring however,<BR>
The Python and Tkinter programming has a 'Hello World' program at the very beginning of the <BR>
book. When I typed the program into IDLE it brought up a window before I got to the close <BR>
statement of the program. (I'm at work, but I'll add the program tonight)<BR>
The program ran but then I couldn't close it or IDLE, just kept getting a message saying the <BR>
program was already running did I want to kill it. Then it wouldn't die. Now I like resilient <BR>
programs but is there something I should do to change this???<BR>
</TT><br><br><br><br><br><br><font><p align=left><br>www.nhdp.nl/english/  Hardware drivers, Free Email, Discuss PC problems, etc<br>_____________________________________________________<br>
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