[Tutor] Where to start

bosahv theo bosahv@nhdpuk.zzn.com
Tue, 7 Mar 2000 18:49:48 -0500

I'm just starting.

I found a whole bunch of info at www.python.org.

Download the documentation you can find there. I took it as PDF files in ZIP format. There are 
hundreds of pages of stuff, to accompany the language. I think that is really the core of the 
language's documentation.  -- Its free to download so you might as well start there.

I'm working my way into the tutorial as we speak.

After that I would suggest you get an Idea of what you want to do with Python and enable that 
task with whatever book you think will help.

Most people suggest either the O'REILLY _Learning Python_ or _Quick Python_ published by 
Manning. I bought Quick python, which a friend reccomended. I bought it as much because I 
can pick his brain as I think it's a good book. Then I bought Python and TKinter 
Programming, also by Manning, because I think I'm going to use Python the most in a 
Windows environment.  

I think the first step however is undoubtably  giving all the free documentation a try.

Try this 'Cheat sheet' from the IBM site:


Another good address for announcements is the daily Python Url:


I hope these help you, I'm finding them useful. Good luck, pass it on.


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