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I would actually consider Delphi a better learning language and stepping
stone into OOP. Delphi is nothing more than Object Pascal which was created
as a learning tool in the first place. I would count Python as second best
in the learning realm, however Python kicks Delphi's booty in the cross
platform department. The advantages of Python as a tool in general far
exceed that of Delphi, it's just that Delphi is easier to learn.


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On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Bruce Sass wrote:

> Is Python a good first introduction to OOP, or does it have quirks that 
> will cause problems/confusion when I delve into C++?

You know, I've written commercial apps in C++ but it's such a behemoth
that it's hard to learn fully. In fact, I doubt anyone DOES know it fully,
not even Stroustrop. :)

Anyway, I think Python's a really GOOD way to learn the basics of OOP
without the cruft. I just wish I'd learned in the opposite order myself.

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