[Tutor] btree problems

Todd Martin TMartin@megapath.net
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 15:33:40 -0800

I agree, Delphi perhaps makes things a bit too easy. I wouldn't think it to
be so hard to develop an IDE such as Delphi, I wonder if anyone has started
such a project.


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On 15 Mar 00, at 13:27, Todd Martin wrote:

> I would actually consider Delphi a better learning language and stepping
> stone into OOP. [...]

Hmm, I'm not so sure about that... We have a lot of cool application 
programmers at my office, working with Delphi, but they don't know jack 
about OOP. I think this is because Delphi lets you get away with only 
*using* the already existing objects and components. It doesn't 
particularly encourage you to create or derive new classes, and in this 
respect I don't see the benefits of Delphi over Python.

On the other hand, Delphi is of course an excellent example about what you 
can do with OOP... Maybe someday such a system will also be available for 
Python. Preferably affordable. ;-)

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