[Tutor] tkinter help 2

Walter Hanagriff princeshinji@xoommail.com
Sun, 26 Mar 2000 22:18:10 -0800

greetings to all:

in my program i want the next button to go to a certain 
frame depending on the value of a
radiobutton, here is the code:
class Frames:
    # this function makes the first frame for the program
    def __init__(self, master):
        frame = Frame(root, width = 285, height = 400)
        Label(frame, text = "this program figures the area, 
perimeter, and power of n \n"

        v = IntVar()
        Radiobutton(frame, text = "1 = Find the power of a 
number", variable = v, value = 1).pack(anchor = W)
        Radiobutton(frame, text = "2 = Find the area of a 
shape", variable = v, value = 2).pack(anchor = W)
        Radiobutton(frame, text = "3 = Find the perimeter of 
a shape", variable = v, value = 3).pack(anchor = W)

        next = Button(frame, text = "Next", padx = 10, 
command = ifpick(v))
        next.pack(side = LEFT, padx = 5)
        close = Button(frame, text = "Close", padx = 10, 
command = root.quit)
        close.pack(side = LEFT, padx = 5)

    # this says which frame to open depending on which 
radiobutton above is picked by user
    def ifpick(self, v):
        if v == 1:  frame2()
        elif v == 2:  frame3()
        elif v == 3:  frame4()

i cant seem to get the value of v in ifpick though, i try 
many things and get different errors everytime, how do i get 
the value? and is anything wrong with this code so far? i 
just started learning tkinter a few weeks ago and still 
learning the basics

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