[Tutor] Is this code right?

christian lean christianlean@hotmail.com
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 23:20:53 GMT

I was wondering if this code is right i ran idle's debug on it and no errors 
came up but i cant seem to use the function when i import the module it is 
in. The function is meant to create a list of random numbers, im new at this 
so i dont know if i'm doing something wrong. Any help is greatly 
apprietiated. I'm running Win 98 and Python 1.5.2.

import whrandom

def rand_strng(x, y, z):
    while x > 0:
        w = randint(y, z)
        list[x] = w
        x = x - 1
        return x
    return list

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