[Tutor] Is this code right?

Michael P. Reilly arcege@shore.net
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 18:38:44 -0500 (EST)

> I was wondering if this code is right i ran idle's debug on it and no errors 
> came up but i cant seem to use the function when i import the module it is 
> in. The function is meant to create a list of random numbers, im new at this 
> so i dont know if i'm doing something wrong. Any help is greatly 
> apprietiated. I'm running Win 98 and Python 1.5.2.
> import whrandom
> def rand_strng(x, y, z):
>     while x > 0:
>         w = randint(y, z)
>         list[x] = w
>         x = x - 1
>         return x
>     return list

The "randint" function is in the whrandom function, not this module (or
in the __builtin__ module).  You will want to either
a) change "import whrandom" to "from whrandom import randint"; or
b) reference the randint() function expicitly as
   "w = whrandom.randint(y, z)".

Also, you do not define the variable "list" in your function.  Unless it
is a global variable (of a mutable sequence of at least `x' elements, or
a mapping), then you will get an error there.  You probably do not want
to use the name "list" either since it is the same name as the built-in

How about:
from whrandom import randint

def rand_strng(x, y, z):
  list = [0] * x
  while x > 0:
    w = randint(y, z)
    list[x] = w
    x = x - 1
  return list

(I noticed that you have `return x' inside the while loop, before the
`return list', I assume that's a mistake and removed it.)

Hope this helps,

PS, the source documentation for whrandom says that you should use
randrange instead of randint.  No real harm, but randint might be
removed in a future release.

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