[Tutor] i am new to Mailing lists

Dennis E. Hamilton infonuovo@email.com
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 21:40:27 -0800

Walter, the more specialized or complex your question, the less likely you
are to get an immediate response, especially if it isn't at the
getting-started tutor level.

In the case of the question about tkinter integration with TCL8.3 (which I
did save, in case I ran across something), I think you are better off asking
it on the main python list.  [My suggestion is to leave tkinter alone and
use the tcl/tk libraries that are installed by the latest stable python,
version 1.5.2.]

I didn't have any obvious thing to say about your other question and I have
now forgotten it.  I didn't keep it because I saw no prospect or reason to
respond.  That's what I do with a lot of messages I see.  I don't know what
others do.

I suggest that when you don't receive a response, you might want to find
another way to ask the question, or even ask if there is another place to
ask the question.  That might provide more responses.  Also, you never know
who is looking at the [tutor] messages on any given day.

You have done nothing wrong.  There is simply no assurance of a response to
any posting on any list.  It is all about what people voluntarily choose to
respond to.  What you are assured of is a place to ask.

Thanks for following up.

-- Dennis

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i am new to mailing lists and maybe done something wrong, if
i have can i please be told what?
i sent in 3 posts in a row because each one was long, and i
figured if i put them all as one post they would be too long
besides, each had a different subject, the last one about
foo bar was answered but the first 2 werent answered at all,
were they not seen, is no answer known yet, or as i am
writing this for, did i do something wrong?
it has been a few days and the response to the foo bar
question only took less then a day to get 3 answers to so i
figured the other 2 would get an answer by now, should i
repost in a few days or what?

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