[Tutor] OT- how to build Python 2.0 from source?

Craig Hagerman craig@osa.att.ne.jp
Wed, 01 Nov 2000 14:40:05 +0900


A bit off target... Can anyone tell me exactly how to go about installing
Python 2.0 FROM THE SOURCE file on a Linux machine? I did try to install
using the RedHat RPMs (eg: rpm -ivh BeOpen-Python-2.0-1.i386.rpm) but this
caused an error about failed dependencies (libreadline.so.3 is needed ??) so
perhaps a source install would be better... if only I knew how to do that.

I have looked and looked all over the Python.org site and there doesn't seem
to be any instructions for actually installing Linux on platforms other than
Windows. I have not been using Linux for too long and don't know how to do
this. (I am using Mandrake 7.1 by the way.)

Ironically I did happen across this line on a page documenting installing

    "However, if such instructions exist at all, they are often woefully
    inadequate and targeted at experienced Python developers."

Seems to me that the installing instructions for Python itself are

Craig Hagerman