Web Scripting with Python. (was Re: [Tutor] Where is PYTHONPA TH set?)

Doug Stanfield DOUGS@oceanic.com
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 16:47:55 -1000

[You asked:]
> Is there a best way to use python for web programming? I've 
> used php in
> the past to create small scripts that process user input or query a
> database. But I'd like to start working on something larger and I'd 
> like to use Python. Python looks more powerful, and the scripts I've
> written in it so far have been cleaner looking that the same ones
> php. I've looked at mod_python but I guess I don't understand 
> what it does
> (despite having read the documentation and installed it). Is something
> like this recommended?

I wouldn't get wrapped up in looking at stuff like mod-python and the like
at this stage in your work.  Those are primarily useful to give a high
demand web site a boost in performance.  If you're just learning, by
definition you're not there.

The biggest problem at this point is reconceptualizing what you know from
using other systems (php) to use Python.

[Before I can hit the send button Deirdre S. imparts wisdom:]
> I actually use PHP for web scripting and python for all the post and pre
> processing (i.e. schlepping stuff into and out of databases). The display
> is all PHP3 because I find it easier.

Which is probably great advice for you, coming from PHP.  I personally would
look at the various Python based systems that are being developed.  One that
looks promising to me is:

Webware for Python, http://webware.sourceforge.net