[Tutor] TKinter - mouse -> text

Richard Wilkins wilkins@iinet.net.au
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 20:16:10 +0800


I'm no expert on TKinter...actually I'm as newbie as they get, but for
this exercise, why not use the Label widget. I know Label has a 'text'
option, which when updated does the obvious and updates the text in your


Hope this helps, have fun,
Andrew Wilkins

> in my graphics window i want to update a count for every mouse click i
> make....... what my code is doing is just drawing the new numbers on
> top the of the old ones so it becomes illegible after the 2nd cklick
> already......

> heres a section of the code.
> count=count+1
> counter=Text(Point(320,240),count).draw(win1)
> if i use counter.undraw(win1) it gives me an attribute error.......
> pls advise.....thanx