[Tutor] Search the recruitment agencies for technical jobs on-line.

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Search the recruitment agencies for technical jobs on-line.

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Hundreds of new technical jobs posted every day...............

Technojobs New Advanced Site Now On-Line

Dear Job Seeker

Searching the recruitment agencies for technical jobs on-line has never been easier; our new site interface is now on line. Your new look new feel technojobs has been
updated with some top job-hunting tools. www.technojobs.co.uk

Search The Agencies
Our new advanced intelligent search tool is fast as it is accurate. Once you have used our CV centre to register your CV, simply click the link in a job add, and technojobs will automatically send your CV with a covering letter directly to that agency in reply to their job add.

CV Centre
Upload your CV via our secure site, logon at any time with your personal ID to update your CV, Activate it de-activate it, or if you're in work and looking to further your career use the Head Hunter Mode.

Jobs By Email
Our jobs by email keyword filter system, now employees the same technology that drives our main search.

Technojobs hosts jobs for over 400 agencies, including some of the world top names in IT recruitment. We receive around 300 new technology jobs a day. If you have registered your CV with our CV centre then our agencies can search for you, we also distribute your CV when activated to agencies automatically, what's more your CV is scanned and sent to consultants that are specifically looking for candidates with your skill set.

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