[Tutor] time.sleep problems (fwd)

Glen Wheeler wheelege@tsn.cc
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 20:32:59 +1100

> On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, D-Man wrote:
> > Sure, install Linux.  Sleep works fine for me on RH7.0, Python 2.0, GCC
> > (you know, the devel version gcc that redhat shipped with).
> This is good long term advice, but this isn't helpful for him in the short
> term.  Ideally, he really shouldn't need to worry about stability issues
> on Windows, especially with basic threads.
> I'm actually planning to install Win2k tonight.  I should be able to test
> your sleep program before I sleep.  *grin*

  Thanks Daniel, it should help you with alot of other problems people have
too (I hope!)

  Damn I'll look the fool if the prog works fine.  I have basically stopped
development cos of this silly problem with really simple threads...

  Sure I'm not in a big company but it's important, and isn't python
designed to be really stable?

  Thanks again,