[Tutor] Freezing a GUI program in Windows?

Craig Hagerman craig@osa.att.ne.jp
Sun, 26 Nov 2000 00:18:23 +0900


I read in some documentation that 'freezing' a python program that used
Tkinter would not work... but that was documentation for the 1.5 release. I
am wondering if it is possible to freeze a Tkinter-using program under

More importantly, can someone tell me how to make an executable program? I
hope this isn't a too-trivial question. I usually use Python on Mac
computers (which includes a mac utility "BuildApplication") or Linux, but I
have never had cause to want to make an executable within Linux and I have
never used Python in Windows --- until now. I want to send an executable
program to my brother (who uses Windows). My understanding is that I should
use a "freeze.py" module to create an executable. However, I can not find a
"freeze.py" module anywhere within the standard Windows distribution, nor
can I find any documents to tell me where to go from here.

Help please?

Craig Hagerman