[Tutor] Programming Python

Sean Dwyer ewe2@can.org.au
Sat, 7 Oct 2000 09:26:01 +1100

I just bought "Programming Python", not realising that a new edition is on the
way pending python 2.0's final release. The version used in the book and on
the CD is 1.3. I know there have been many changes since (and I have all the
errata just in case), but how much of the book do you think will be applicable

And a bit of information: I made a suggestion about useful content on the
_next_ Programming Python CD to Frank Wilson, the technical editor-in-chief,
and the good news is that there will be more useful goodies on the new CD
including add-ons like Pmw and interesting python applications :)

Guess I'll buy that one too :)

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