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R. A. griff@netdoor.com
Mon, 09 Oct 2000 22:04:52 -0500


I'm really new at this, too, so someone else will probably provide a
better answer than mine.  However, here goes:

# declare a variable named *animaltype*
animaltype = "feline"
# ask for input, assigning the input to the variable *input*
input = raw_input("what kind of animal is a cat?")
# if *input* is equivalent to *animaltype*, print *that's right*
if input == animaltype:
   print "that's right!"
# otherwise, print *try again*
   print "try again"

There's a slightly more sophisticated example on one of my web pages, if
you care to glance at it:


Rob Andrews

> "Richard E. Doksa" wrote:
> hi im new to programming and cant find help anywhere where i live i
> was wondering can anyone tell me what is wrong with this program i
> wrote. it is only a program to answer a simple question.
> input = feline
> print raw_input("what kind of animal is a cat?")
> if input == feline:
>  print "thats right!"
> if input != feline:
>  print "try again"
> it somewhat works but isnt right what im i doing wrong?
>                                                                 thanks
>                                                                 rick~>

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