[Tutor] But Serially, Folks...

Daniel Yoo dyoo@hkn.eecs.berkeley.edu
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 20:00:42 -0700 (PDT)

> Also - since my datacomm will be *very* async (spew-wait-listen-spew),
> can someone recommend an existing module for me to use or work from? 
> Perhaps someone already has something similar sitting around?

Dear Curtis,

I'm out of my problem domain; however, perhaps these links may help. For
the serial port accessing, I believe the termios module can help out:


For the async stuff, there's the async module.  *grin*


and you can always do it at a lower level with the signal module:


Hopefully, someone else more familiar with serial IO can give better
advice.  Good luck!