[Tutor] Python and SQL

karim yaici karimy@nipltd.com
Thu, 19 Oct 2000 14:20:59 +0100

Hi Scott,

Though I've just started with Python,I can tell you thay there are tools in
Python to interact with DB's. At least I know that MySQL does exist, because
I worked with it. However, It seems that there is only a linux version of it
called MYSQLdb (RPMs or tar source code) .You  can find it on

Zope (Open Source web application server) ,which is written in Python,  uses
MySQL and PostgreSQL, so there should be some modules aroud there to do the
job (www.zope.org).

Perhaps someone else (more experimented ;-) )can help you with other
DB's!(I've heard that there is a MySQLad 'adapter', but don't know where to
get it from ;-))